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Acoustasonic Tribute

Fender makes a wonderful model called the Acoustasonic that gives you the sound of n acoustic guitar with the light weight, smaller size and playability of an electric guitar. I wanted to see if I could make my own Acoustasonic tribute guitar.

It started with an MGB guitars Fattso body kit. I used my Dremel tool as a router to carve out a lip on the top of the body to attach a custom made acoustic guitar spruce top. The top is braced to support the tension of the bridge.

I drilled out a sound hole and inserted a custom maple sound port. For electronics, I used an LR Baggs Ctrl-X circuit which lets you blend a piezo bridge pickup with the GFS magnetic humbucking rail pickup I mounted.

I really like this guitar. It is ultra light, so easy to play and gets a nice acoustic or electric sound!



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