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Nikon camera lamp

I had a number of Nikkormat FTn cameras and they're pretty cheap on eBay, so I decided I would make one into a desk lamp.

See my separate post on the FTn as a camera.

Making my spare FTn into a desk lamp was pretty easy. Parts required are a 12v LED bulb, a 12v power supply and a couple of small wire nuts.

Steps are as follows:

1) I destructively drilled a hole in the back big enough to run the electrical cord through, but you could remove the rewind crank and run the wire through that.

2) Put a knot in the electrical cord inside the camera body so it won't pull out.

3) Use the FTn's mirror lock up button to lock up the mirror.

4) Set the shutter to Bulb and open the shutter curtain.

5) Insert the LED bulb the best you can and release the shutter to hold the wires in place

6) Use the wire nuts to connect the leads from the LED bulb to the electrical cord - bend the cords so it all fits into the space where the film would normally be.

If you'd like to see another camera lamp, see my article on making a lamp from an Argus flash.

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