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Lightweight bass amp

I built myself both a cigar box bass and a ukulele bass and have modified a Jaguar bass, so I wanted to have a bass amp. I didn't want anything too big or heavy, but wanted something powerful enough that I could play with others and I could possibly upgrade. And I didn't want to spend a lot.

At first I thought I'd buy a good light neodymium 10" bass speaker and put it in a sealed guitar cab I had that was a bit deeper than usual. While it technically worked, it didn't give the deep lows I wanted and was limited in volume.

Plan B was to leverage my investment in the speaker and get a real bass amp and cab to go with it, but not spend much more money. TC Electronic has a nice micro 200 watt bass head. that fit the bill. Parts Express had a cheap ported 10" subwoofer cabinet. I modified that to fit a dual jack plate into the back, add a handle, add a speaker grill, add amp feet and file back the corners to add some corner protectors.

This combination sounds fantastic! It's only weighs 23 pounds, but is way more powerful than I need to play at home and I feel comfortable I could practice with drums and even gig small venues. And if I needed to fill a bigger room, I could add a second cab to use the full 4 ohm power of the amp and move twice as much air. I could also use the Direct Out of the amp to go into a venue's sound system.

Amplifier: 200 watts solid state into 4 ohms

Controls: Master Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble

Speaker: 10" 8 ohm 200 watts

Inputs: 1/4" guitar in

Outputs: 1/8 headphone out, direct out

Power supply: 120v AC

Dimensions: 16" height (without handle, feet or amp) x 12" width x 14" depth



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