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Cigar Humidor Amp

Cigar Box amps are fun and easy to build, but they just don't have enough substance to be a serious six string guitar amp. I wanted to build something small that would still give you real tone and volume.

I started with a beautiful cigar humidor with a marvelous burled wood finish. I added a latch to the bottom which keeps it airtight, but lets you easily change the batteries. It has a 5 watt solid state amp powered by 8 AA batteries. The 8" speaker coupled with the overall heftiness of the box gives it an amazingly rich tone and loudness for such a small, portable, battery powered amp..

Amplifier: 5 watts solid state

Controls: Volume, Gain/Overdrive, Tone

Speaker: 8" 8 ohm 15 watts

Inputs: 1/4" guitar in, 1/8" auxiliary in, 1/8 headphone out

Power supply: 8 AA batteries

Dimensions: 9-1/2" height x 11-3/4" width x 5" depth



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