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GE Wall Speaker

General Electric has been a big manufacturer in the electronics space for decades. They not only made products for the consumer market like radios, but also products used by the recording studios and radio stations that created and played the music. This was originally a wall hanging 12" speaker used in those studios for monitoring and playback. It likely dates to the early 1940s, as by the late 40s, GE catalogs showed a metal version of this speaker.

These were originally designed to hang from the wall and therefore, were angled downward. In using it for a guitar amplifier, you have to flip it upside down which provides a nice upward angle so the guitar player can better hear the amp. Because these speakers were designed to be hung on wall, they were completely open backed. This necessitates adding back panels, for which I used 1/8" Masonite.

Unfortunately, the original speaker was blown, so I replaced it with a 12" 50 watt Eminence Legend. For the amp section, I used a Valeton TAR-20G, which is a 20 watt solid state amp with an analog preamp, gain, 3 band eq and built in reverb.

Amplifier: 20 watts solid state

Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb

Speaker: 12" 8 ohm 50 watts

Inputs: 1/4" guitar in, 1/8" auxiliary in

Outputs: 1/8 headphone out

Power supply: 18v AC adapter

Dimensions: 15" height x 13-1/2" width x 9" depth (5" on top)



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