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Leica 0

This is a Leica 0 replica made in 2000 . Leica made about 25 of these prototypes back in 1923 which were given to camera retailers and others to verify whether Leica should put a 35mm camera into production. One of the real 1923 prototypes sold in 2015 for $2.8 million.

The shutter curtains of the Model 0 do not overlap which means that the shutter is not self-capping. You have to remember to cap the lens after each shot before you wind the film, otherwise the gap in the shutter curtains will expose your film (see picture at bottom). You also have two stages to winding the film. Wind first to the red dot, then push down the shutter speed dial and set the speed, then complete the winding. Then remove the lens cap and shoot. Then cap the lens and start over.

It takes great pics. Modern manufacturing techniques make the original Elmar 5cm f/3.5 lens perform even better than vintage copies. Unfortunately, you can't remove it from the camera or I'd use it on my other Leicas.

But if you forget to cap the lens before winding, you get the following:

Leica decided to go forward with production and the Leica IA (then known as the model A) went into production in 1925. Leica made 35mm cameras mainstream, as before then, no one believed you could get good quality pictures from such a small negative.


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