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Hasselblad 500 C/M

Hasselblad is one of the classic medium format cameras. Developed in Sweden in 1954 (the year I was born) it is a true system camera. Interchangeable lenses, viewfinders, film backs, rewind cranks, etc. brought pros cool features like being able to switch film mid-roll in the middle of a shoot from color to B&W or a different ISO simply by swapping out the film back. Look at any vintage movie from the 1960s through the early 21st century where a professional photographer is taking pictures of a model and you'll see them using a Hasselblad.

The V series is the original all manual camera and a good one to pick up today if you want your own Hasselblad film camera. Since it's all manual, you don't have to worry about the electronics failing as you do with later models. A nice 500 C/M with an A12 back, waist level viewfinder and standard 80mm Zeiss lens can be had on eBay for much less than the camera originally cost back in the 20th centrury, especially when you factor in inflation.

Here are some pics from the 80mm and 150mm lenses.

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